277 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN747 NEW YORK, 11 August 1947, 11.42 p.m.


Security 441.

Our UN.746. [1]

Following is text of proposed resolution on Indonesian question.


Whereas the Security Council on 1st August, 1947, called upon the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia (a) to cease hostilities forthwith and (b) to settle their disputes by Arbitration or by other peaceful means and keep the Security Council informed about the progress of the settlement, and whereas communications have been received from the Governments of the Netherlands and of the Republic of Indonesia advising that orders have been given for the cessation of hostilities, and whereas it is essential that negotiations should commence as soon as possible with a view to a just and lasting settlement, and whereas it is desirable that steps should be taken to avoid disputes and friction relating to the observance of the 'cease fire' orders and to create conditions which will facilitate agreement between the parties.

SECURITY COUNCIL (1) Notes with satisfaction the steps taken by the parties to comply with the resolution of 1st August, 1947, (2) Notes with approval the action taken by the Government of the United States in making available its good offices to the Governments of the Netherlands and of the Republic of Indonesia and the offer by the Government of Australia to act jointly with the United States Government in the capacity of mediator and arbitrator, (3) Calls upon the two Governments to refrain from any act which might lead to a deterioration of the situation or render more difficult negotiations for a settlement, (4) Instructs the Secretary-General to consult with the Governments of the Netherlands and of the Republic with a view to the immediate establishment in the Republic of Indonesia a body of neutral observers acceptable to both parties whose reports the Council may use as a basis for its future decisions.

1 Document 276.

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