268 Sjarifuddin to Chifley

Radio Message [1] DJOKJAKARTA, 10 August 1947, 3 a.m. [2]

I have learned with sincere gratitude of your Excellency's statement regarding the Indonesian-Dutch dispute. [3] Since conditions in our country have deteriorated, the Government and people of Indonesia have, with relief and deep gratitude, followed every move of your Excellency's Government in defending the Indonesian cause before the forum of the United Nations. We have noted with great satisfaction that the Australian people have upheld an old tradition in assisting the Indonesian people who are linked with the Australian people in their common struggle in the cause of freedom and democracy.

It is only natural that I fully accept the offer made by your Excellency's Government to bring about the early and just settlement of the Indonesian-Dutch dispute by the Security Council. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has repeatedly expressed its wish that an international arbitration commission be sent at the earliest to Indonesia by the Security Council in order to investigate and settle the Indonesian dispute according to the principles of the United Nations. The days to come will be of great significance to the Australian as well as the Indonesian people. We sincerely hope that at the next session of the Security Council the efforts of the Australian as well as of the Indonesian representative may be crowned with satisfactory results.

Finally I should like to express my deep gratitude to the Government and people of Australia, who have repeatedly proved their sympathy for the Indonesian cause, and have always held to the principles of peace and democracy. I have no doubt whatsoever that these principles that we have in common will strengthen the ties that bind us together and will favourably influence the future close co-operation between our two countries in every possible field for the benefit of our nations, for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the world and for the maintenance of everlasting peace.

1 Broadcast by Radio Djokjakarta.

2 It is not clear whether the time given is Indonesian or Eastern Australian Standard Time.

3 Document 255.

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