266 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hague 133 THE HAGUE, 8 August 1947, 9.42 p.m.


Indonesia. My telegram 131. [1]

The Minister for Foreign Affairs informed me that since the Indonesians have advised that they are prepared to accept the United States offer of good offices [2] the Netherlands Government considers that there is no reason at present to go beyond this since they believe that such good offices should afford a peaceful means of settling the dispute within the terms of the Resolution of the Security Council.

2. As regards cessation of hostilities, the Minister for Foreign Affairs appeared to agree that there must be some impartial machinery for policing the truce and investigating the alleged breaches.

3. He appealed for time to allow the United States to formulate proposals for the carrying out of their good offices and for the working out of some procedure on the lines of paragraph 2 above.

1 Document 260.

2 See Document 259.

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