259 Ballard to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 269 BATAVIA, 7 August 1947, 11 p.m.


My telegram 267. [1]

Following is reply of the Republican Government broadcast this afternoon.

1. The Government and people of the Republic of Indonesia heard with great gratitude and appreciation the broadcast offer on behalf of the United States Government to extend its good offices to the Indonesian Government [2] in any future negotiations in which the Government of the Republic may be involved.

2. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia has the honour to request the attention of the United States Government to the decision adopted by the Security Council of the United Nations.

The Republican Government in adhering to the principles of the United Nations is fully prepared to submit to the aforesaid decisions in which arbitration has been recommended as the primary means of settling the present dispute. In cordially accepting the good offices of the United States Government, the Indonesian Government requests that the United States Government should use its influence with the Government of the Netherlands and the Security Council of the United Nations for the Indonesian proposal that an International Arbitration Commission should be despatched without delay to Indonesia.

3. The Republican Government feels sure that the Governments of the United States of America, Britain and the Netherlands will all agree, in view of the fact that two years of negotiation and mediation failed to prevent the outbreak of large scale hostilities, that in arbitration by a United Nations Commission lies the only and final hope of settling this dispute by peaceful means.

4. The Government of the Republic is unanimous in its conviction that if the United States feels able to support the aforesaid proposal it will, for the following reasons be performing a lasting service to humanity:-

(a) The Governments of the Republic and of the Netherlands would agree to abide loyally by any decision reached by the Arbitration Commission.

(b) There is, therefore, strong reason to believe that such an International Commission would bring about a lasting settlement.

(c) The United Nations would thus be creating a much needed precedent to prove to the world that its authority can stop wars and settle disputes.

5. Finally, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia requests the United States Government to send a representative as soon as possible by air to Djokjakarta in order that the Republican Government [may] more fully acquaint the United States Government representative with its official point of view.

6. The Republican Government would appreciate by radio early advice of the United States Government of the estimated time of arrival of the representative of the United States Government at Djokjakarta airport.

1 Document 251.

2 See Document 251, note 7.

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