244 Hodgson to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN722 NEW YORK, 4 August 1947, 10.17 p.m.


Security 425.


Your 425. [1]

1. I approached both the President of the Security Council and the Assistant Secretary-General and urged that United Nations official should be flown to Java to observe action taken to comply with the Resolution and to keep the Council informed. However, neither El Khouri nor Kerno was prepared to take such action without the express authority of the Council.

2. The President indicated, however, that when the Council met he would announce the replies received from the Netherlands and Indonesian Governments [2] and would give me opportunity to make a statement. This question was not on today's agenda and I had to speak on its adoption. Belgium immediately said there should be no discussion of the question unless representative were present. The President said his statement was confined to information and he hoped mine would be also. However, we shall continue to press the question and it is clear that the Council is still seized with the matter and any member can raise it at any time.

3. I gave the Council the facts given by Ballard on delay by Netherlands authorities in Batavia in transmitting communication containing the Council Resolution. [3] I then suggested that in order to keep the Council informed, to assist with the settlement and to ensure that decision of the Council was given effect to, the President should be authorized to consult with the Secretary- General with a view to despatch of a high United Nations official to the spot.

4. President noted suggestion and said he would discuss it with Acting Secretary-General.

5. It is probable that the Indonesian question will be on the agenda again for Wednesday when the various replies from the two parties will be before the Council. It is understood that Romulo will ask to participate in order to make a proposal that the Council should appoint a board of three to five arbitrators. We shall take the opportunity of elaborating more fully the proposals we advanced this afternoon.

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