228 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 422 CANBERRA, 2 August 1947, [11.40] p.m.


Your UN.716. [1]

The conclusion, from an immediate point of view, is most satisfactory. However, the resolution leaves much to be desired, and, in any case, it is only a first step towards the cessation of hostilities and the satisfactory settlement of the dispute. We are doing what we can to assist in cessation of hostilities, but we have no information as to what has been done by the Security Council itself. An obvious suggestion is that a highranking Security Council official should immediately proceed to the area.

We take it that this would be within the discretion of the Secretary-General in consultation with the Chairman of the Security Council, and desire you therefore to raise the matter immediately with the Secretary-General.

2. We will also be endeavouring to ensure that the peaceful means adopted are satisfactory. There is a tendency to think that, if United States mediation is accepted by the Dutch, it is also acceptable to the Indonesians. They equally have rights in the selection of an arbitrator. We have asked Makin to keep in touch with you and make these points to the State Department [2], but they might also be made to the United States representative on the Security Council. Our own view is that there is only one person equipped to act as mediator and that is Killearn who was responsible for the Linggadjati Agreement.

3. Generally we are most puzzled and worried over present position. What arbitration? What do forces do in the meantime? Who will observe carrying out of decisions? etc. Glad of all possible information.

1 Document 226.

2 Dispatched shortly before midnight on 2 August, cablegram 930 also asked Makin to emphasise Australia's security interests in the Indonesian question and to request that Australia be fully informed and given an opportunity to comment on any proposals for mediation before they were carried into effect.

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