225 Department of External Affairs to Mackay

Cablegram 299 CANBERRA, 2 August 1947


Please inform the Government of India that we are most satisfied with the outcome of the Security Council discussions. Nevertheless we do not feel that matter can rest here. The reference to arbitration in the resolution [1] is vague and no doubt the Government of India, like ourselves, will wish to see arbitration is such as will bring about a lasting and satisfactory settlement of the dispute.

2. One thing is clear and that is that the Indonesians for their part, having made a declaration that they would carry out the decisions of the Security Council 2, must not, through their own actions, permit of any criticism by the Dutch. It will be difficult for them to order cessation of hostilities immediately as their communications and organisation may not be adequate.

However, in the interest of a satisfactory settlement our two Governments should do their utmost to ensure that the decision of the Security Council is upheld. No doubt even though Sjahrir has left there are means of communication between India and Indonesia and we suggest that advantage be taken of them. We for our part will do our best to make the position clear over Radio Australia.

1 See Document 224.

2 See Document 217.

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