216 Department of External Affairs to Mackay

Cablegram 293 CANBERRA, 31 July 1947


Your 404. [1]

By error statement [2] was not sent. It has now been sent. Please advise the Government of India that the Australian note to the Security Council was not lodged until after the Indian note. We regret any misunderstanding. Our action was complementary to the Indian action and not inconsistent with it as explained in today's telegram. [3] We were not aware when taking action which was decided upon last week-end that India was holding note as a result of our message. On the contrary you gave us as the time of release midday Indian time 5 p.m. our time, and this time was observed both in release of the press statement and of the note and the Government of India was informed that we were taking this action by telegram sent 10 a.m. our time.


2. Press play up simultaneous Indian and Australian action and we hope throughout the discussions this cooperation can be maintained.

3. Sjahrir should not hesitate in making declaration in the belief that it will assist application as against the Australian as the declaration is equally necessary for action under Article 35.

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2 Chifley's statement of 30 July (see Document 195).

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