21 Ballard to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 64 BATAVIA, 30 March 1947, 7.50 p.m.


Your telegram 46. [1]

I have conveyed the substance of your paragraph 1 to Sjahrir. He said that Van Mook had proposed to him that they should make a joint statement to that effect in order to expedite the bringing in of N.E. Indies Government goods now in Australia. Sjahrir's reply was a request for a description and destination of the goods.

I gather that he was not disposed to help the Dutch to get their goods up until they had shown willingness to co-operate by agreeing to free Republican ports. This depends on the outcome of the economic talks now in progress. He said that when he felt he could make a statement he would let me know.

2. Campbell.

As reported in my telegram 62 [2] Sjahrir had already spoken of his desire to have the Republic represented in Australia by Indonesians. When I mentioned the matter again he repeated that he had asked Campbell to come here and report to him and implied that an appointment of an Indonesian would follow. It will be recalled that Campbell's appointment has always been regarded as temporary.

I should think therefore that there is no need to receive his credentials. Sjahrir realises the implications of Campbell's political affiliations.

3. It was announced last night that Sjahrir is leaving for India on March 30th to attend the closing stages of the conference. [3] He is expected to be absent about a week or so.

[AA:A1068/1, ER47/23/1]

1 Document 19.

2 Document 20.

3 The Asian Relations Conference was held by the Indian Council of World Affairs at New Delhi from 23 March to 2 April.

[1.] Shipping.