189 Chifley to Attlee

Cablegram 202 CANBERRA, 30 July 1947, 10.50 a.m.


1. Many thanks for your message. [1] We have carefully taken into consideration the points you make and on balance feel it better that we should raise the issue and in that way have some control over proceedings rather than allow it to be raised as you mentioned at London. [2]

2. As you say it is not certain that the Security Council will end hostilities immediately. We have given this aspect more consideration, and, on reflection, consider that to ask for an enquiry under Article 35 would not be effective in this case, and we therefore propose drawing the attention of the Security Council to the situation under Article 39, and to attempt, without debate on merits, immediately to have a decision by the Security Council that hostilities must cease, and that the two parties should give effect to Article 17 of the Linggadjati Agreement. If this course is supported generally, the matter should be dealt with at the one session of the Security Council with the least possible debate. I will ask the Australian representative on the Security Council to discuss this procedure with the United Kingdom representative.

3. I deeply appreciate the personal attention you have given this matter at a time when I know you have more pressing matters to deal with.

1 Document 184.

2 See Document 184, note 2.

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