173 Shann to Burton

Minute CANBERRA, 28 July 1947


Briefly the argument behind this [1] is that under Chapter 6 the Dutch could go on with their aggressive activities (if that is what is happening) despite Security Council action. If, however, the matter is brought under Chapter 7 (by Article 39) the Council can order the immediate cessation of hostilities. I am uneasy about the proposal put forward by Throssell and Loomes for the reason that under the Pacific Settlement chapter [2] we are merely suggesting the investigation of a dispute that has international repercussions, while under Chapter 7 we are implying, even if we don't say it, that there has actually been a 'breach of the peace'. This might seem like prejudging the issue, although it is only a matter of degree, and the advantages of Chapter 7 might be outweighed by this.

1 Document 172.

2 Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter.

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