134 Ballard to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 241 BATAVIA, 21 July 1947, 6.10 p.m. Received 22 July


No reports yet of action outside Batavia. Batavia quiet. Gani and Tamzil were put under house arrest last night. other arrests of officials have been made and villages have been screened.

Republican buildings have been occupied.

Indonesian delegation yesterday formally communicated with the Commission-General with a view to arbitration under Article 17(2).

[1] Formal acknowledgment stated that the matter referred to The Hague.

Van Mock's letter to Gani [2] states inter-alia-'the Netherlands Government find themselves forced to declare they can no longer regard themselves as bound by the Linggardjati Agreement or truce as far as the Republic is concerned' and therefore resume their freedom of action with a view to maintenance of law and order to enable the implementation of the political programme of premediation of Linggardjati.

1 See Appendix I.

2 Dated 20 July.

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