110 Press Statement

CANBERRA, 9 July 1947


The Minister for External Affairs, Dr. Evatt, stated today that the Australian Government welcomes reports that further progress has now been made towards a permanent settlement in Indonesia.

The de facto authority of the Republic, on the basis of the Linggadjati Agreement, which has been recognised by several Governments, including the United Kingdom [1] and United States Governments [2], and which the Government of Australia also recognises, implies the acceptance by the Republican Government of very great responsibility; and the Republican Government, as one of the negotiating parties and as a future essential element in the Interim Federal State, has in fact accepted this responsibility.

The Australian Government, because it believes that the revival of production and trade is vital to the welfare not only of the Indonesian area but of the world as a whole, sent representatives to Indonesia recently to assist in solving problems related to the recommencement of trade. The Australian Government wishes both parties to understand that, if, in the interests of agreement between Dutch and Republican authorities on economic and political matters, the good offices of the Australian Government would at any stage be helpful, Australia will continue to do anything in its power to afford both the Netherlands and Indonesian authorities its assistance.

Furthermore, the Australian Government would be happy to give to the Interim Federal Government of Indonesia, when it is established, advice and assistance in such matters as trade, finance, communications, and economic rehabilitation and development.

1 See Document 97, note 3.

2 See Document 75 and note a thereto.

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