10 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 350 WASHINGTON, 11 March 1947, 7.25 p.m.



Your telegram 286 of 10th March [1] was undecipherable until today 11th.

Minister this evening saw Lacy acting chief of Division of Southeast Asian Affairs State Department. Lacy said that U.S.

representative in N.E.I. Foote had telegraphed that National Committee [2] on 5th March had agreed to adopt Cheribon agreement.

This was carried by a large majority with only 2 voting against although there were important abstentions including all members of 2 of the political parties. Lacy added however that Cheribon agreement had been so eaten into by 'interpretations' that he was doubtful whether it would now be of any value.

He emphasised U.S. Government's deep concern over this question and undertook to get an authoritative opinion and let us have it as a matter of urgency. In the meantime he indicated that in his personal view the U.S. attitude in the event of a breakdown would be substantially the same as your own.

1 Document 9.

2 The KNIP.

[AA:A3300/2, 441]