50 Fraser to Australian Government

Cablegram 135 WELLINGTON, 2 August 1946, 8.03 p.m.


Reference your telegram No. 189 of 31st July. [1]


It is gratifying to learn that the United States are willing to join in the proposed Conference to establish the Commission. Their proposals regarding the nature and functions of the Commission are quite acceptable. While there might be some value in including former Japanese Mandates as suggested by the United Kingdom we do not consider this need be made an issue at the present time. As to the nature and time of the Conference we agree that the proposal to hold preliminary meetings of officials could be abandoned and that the Conference should be for the purpose of establishing the Commission. You will, however, be aware from the Prime Minister's telegram to Dr. Evatt (copy of which will have been made available to you by High Commissioner for New Zealand, Canberra) that it would be impossible to arrange for a Minister to attend from New Zealand at least until after the general election which will probably be held in late November or early December. Moreover one or two of the officials likely to be required for the Conference will be needed for the General Assembly of the United Nations and it does not seem likely that the latter will be finished in time to allow them to reach Canberra by the middle of November. in the circumstances it is considered preferable to fix a date early next year for the Conference.

2. Subject to satisfactory settlement of the date we concur in proposals set out in paragraph 3 of your telegram regarding the issue of formal invitations.

1 Document 45.

[AA:A1067, ER46/2/7]