279 Dunk to Ballard

Cablegram 135 CANBERRA, 6 December 1946


Your 274 [1] and 276. [2] We will want to continue effective representation throughout N.E.I. and Indonesia. We do not want to lay the pattern of this representation until we can see the most effective points of contact. For example we would not commit ourselves to Dutch accreditation if this would prejudice an effective exchange with the Indonesian Republic.

In short we could not allow the Dutch to take advantages of the present temporary situation in a way which limits our future action.

2. We can see nothing in the proposed agreement which would prevent the United States of Indonesia from according the Republic the right to establish direct representation.

3. You should give all possible assistance and advice to the Indonesian authorities even if it must be done at present on an informal basis. We do not want to weaken our influence by any rigid adherence to protocol. Now that the terms of the agreement are known I can see no objection to your close association with the Indonesian authorities and you are instructed to follow that line with the object of strengthening Australian influence.

Australian relations with Indonesia will be of supreme importance.

4. Please report what you have done in pursuance of these instructions.

1 Dispatched 28 November, this cablegram gave details of a discussion that day between Ballard and Van Mook, in which the latter stated that, while he would inform the Republic regarding diplomatic appointments, he still regarded himself as having 'paramount authority' in that area.

2 Document 261.

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