277 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN913 NEW YORK, 5 December 1946, 10.33 p.m.


Assembly 342.

Trusteeship-Chinese Proposal (Entry and Non-Discrimination).

(1) This morning 5th December in Sub-Committee China pressed to a vote their modification number 3(B) as amended (see Assembly 330).

[1] Defeated by seven to two with eight abstentions. China reserved right to raise in Full Committee, first meeting of which will probably take place Saturday 7th December.

(2) Understand Chinese Delegation is under instruction to press and is concerned with particular matters of discrimination against Chinese in administrative practice in New Guinea. Matter may also be related to Australia-China Treaty Article V which has been in dispute in recent negotiations. [2]

(3) In hope of avoiding an embarrassing debate in Full Committee and Plenary we suggest representations to Chinese that this is a matter for diplomatic consideration between Australia and China and not for public discussion here or for amendment of or opposition to our Trusteeship Agreement.

(4) We suggest Ambassador together with Copland and Bailey might see Chinese Ambassador (Wellington Koo) and Chiefs of Chinese Delegation. Possibly approach in Nanking also would help.

(5) Glad of urgent instruction and full advice.

1 See Document 275, note 7 and Document 251, note 2.

2 See Volume VII, Document 366. Treaty negotiations had foundered in part because of amendment proposed by China and feared by Australia to threaten immigration policy.

[AA:A1838/2, 852/13/4, ii]