249 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN796 NEW YORK, 26 November 1946, 4.23 a.m.


Assembly 243.

Your UNY.398. [1]


1. Amendment has not yet been lodged for the following reasons:-

(A) It became clear that the Soviet resolution would not come on for debate as early as we had at first anticipated, owing to the prolongation of discussion on the troop question. [2]

(B) It seemed likely that the troop question might be merged with the general problem of disarmament and that this might necessitate redrafting of the amendment.

(C) In any case we felt that the course of the debate on troops would reveal attitudes which might affect our amendment.

2. We were proposing to lodge amendment today, but the United States has indicated they would appreciate a few days' delay pending preparation of the final text of far-reaching American proposals and Canada which feels very strongly that the United States should 'carry the ball' on this issue, also asked for consultation. They have a very similar amendment of their own but are withholding it until United States views are known. In view of the necessity for working closely with the United States on other matters we suggest we should carefully consider their wishes, while eventual attainment of our objectives might be more certain if we wait to learn nature of their amendment. We have noted your instructions but before acting would appreciate guidance in light of above considerations.

1 Document 244.

2 See Document 244, note 2.

[AA:A1838/2, 852/10/4]