190 Department of External Affairs to Ausralian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram [UNY]322 CANBERRA, 1 November 1946


Your UN.572. [1] Vote for India, Belgium, and Colombia in place of Egypt, Netherlands, and Mexico. The Latin American vote is important, and support for Colombia should go along with support by Latin American bloc for Australia on Economic and Social Council next year. We should stand for election to Economic and Social Council this year if this could be done without prejudice to New Zealand. India's appointment to Security Council would put an end to idea that only one member of British Commonwealth can be on Security Council at same time. The same applies to Economic and Social Council. Both Australia and New Zealand have good claim for election. We do not accept any understanding that non-permanent members of the Security Council cannot be members of both Councils simultaneously.

1 Document 183.

[AA:A1838/238, 852/18/2, 1]