142 Chifley to Attlee

Cablegram 346 CANBERRA, 30 September 1946, 8.20 p.m.


Reference your D No. 866. [1]

(1) I have no comments to make on the text furnished in your D No.

867 [2] as a statement by the United Kingdom Government, beyond observing that in regard to the outline of machinery principles and procedure in paragraph 38, the Commonwealth Government's viewpoint is as expressed by me in London [3] and in my review to Parliament on 19th June. Our viewpoint is considered to be covered by the reference in the last sentence of paragraph 38 to the varying constitutional practice in the different parts of the British Commonwealth, which governs not only the interchange of missions but all the considerations involved.

(2) I would be glad to be informed later of the proposed date and time of release in order that I may be in a position to make any observations that may be considered necessary.

1 Document 131.

2 Document 132.

3 Volume IX, Documents 200 and 210.

[AA:A3317/1, 333/46]