103 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 1227 WASHINGTON, 4 September 1946

FEC 207.

Reference your 1268. [1]

Steering committee 4 September considered US proposal to allow Japan resume atomic research. Australia strongly opposed paper and was supported by NZ, India, and France and also received personal support in discussion from UK, Soviet, and Chinese members who did not however commit their governments. UK and Canadian members were under instructions to agree with paper, but in view of your 1268 have recommended to their governments that Australian view be supported. US member said he did not know what reasons had prompted US in introducing paper and said he would present statement next week. Matter adjourned till 10 September. [2]

1 Dispatched 2 September, it stated that the External Affairs Dept was unable to agree with the U.S. Govt's proposed easing of restrictions on atomic energy research in Japan, believed that discussion was premature and urged strong opposition to any relaxation of present prohibitions.

2 Cablegram FEC214, dispatched 10 September, noted that, because of the opposition of many members, the United States had withdrawn the proposal.

[AA:A3300/2, 745B]