5 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram United Nations 241 NEW YORK, 2 July 1946, 7.33 p.m.


Atomic 14.

1. Sub-Committee Number 1 of the Atomic Energy Working Committee composed of representatives of the United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, France, Mexico and country holding chairmanship of the Committee held meetings on Monday and Tuesday afternoons to prepare plans of work for the Working Committee.

2. Dr. Evatt as Chairman presented the tentative proposals contained in our next succeeding telegram. [1] During subsequent discussion the Soviet Representative again insisted that a convention prohibiting the use of atomic weapons should be concluded first but in spite of his insistence useful progress has been made and the Committee has proceeded to exchange views on measures of control. An interesting discussion took place today on relationship between the proposed Atomic Authority and United Nations Organs, particularly the Security Council. The Chairman summed up that while the powers of the Security Council under the Charter could not be modified except by amendment of the Charter there would be multifarious activities of the Atomic Authority which would have nothing to do with the Security Council. At the next meeting an attempt will be made to give a more precise definition to the respective functions and field of operation.

3. A tribute to the Chairman's tentative proposals was paid today by the United States which endorsed them and said they offered a sound and expeditious approach to the Committee's problems. The substance of the American memorandum in furtherance of the Chairman's paper is given in our immediately [succeeding] telegram.

1 Document 6.

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