2 Evatt to Makin

Cablegram 888 WASHINGTON, 1 July 1946, 1.44 a.m.


Your 983. [1]

1. Regarding the South Seas Commission my feeling is that in all the circumstances including shortness of time, the first conference to establish the South Seas Commission, which will [be] on the official not the ministerial level, should be limited to the three British Commonwealth Nations who in London agreed to establish the Commission. [2]

2. If the United States, France or Netherlands informally express a desire to be associated we could extend formal invitations. It is important not to invite those whose acceptance is at all uncertain.

3. Subject to 2, I have no objection whatever to the participation of the Netherlands.

4. If the United States, France and the Netherlands do not attend the first meeting, the Commission could subsequently consider extending the area of participation.

1 Volume IX, Document 336.

2 See ibid., Document 229.

[AA:A1838/238, 342/3]