95 Chifley to Clark Kerr

Cablegram 5 CANBERRA, 18 February 1[9]46


Thank you for your message which I appreciate. [1] I am doing everything possible to meet you in your difficulty. The arrival of the 'Manoora' will be unobtrusively delayed so as to occur about 12th March. In all the circumstances any further delay is unfortunately not practicable. You will readily understand that, in view of the many complications that can arise, we cannot be faced with any noticeable delays in the use of the vessel.

I sincerely trust that the above programme will prove convenient.

Meanwhile it is necessary for us to proceed on the assumption that your agreement will be forthcoming. I should like to take this opportunity of wishing you every success in your mission. [2]

1 Document 94.

2 Proud reported on 14 March that the 'Manoora' had arrived 'without incident'.

[AA:A1838/2, 401/3/6/1/5]