61 Beasley to Evatt

Cablegram 7 LONDON, 30 January 1946, 4.10 p.m.


Re Macmahon Ball. [1]

I discussed the matter with Addison who stated that he would prefer Keith Officer. He stressed the point that the nominee would also represent the United Kingdom and their wish was to have a representative of high diplomatic status.

Let me have more particulars regarding Ball as he is not known to me other than his broadcasting activities and work in Batavia. [1]

Policy in Java. I mentioned this matter to Attlee at a Conference on defence matters on Monday and he remarked that they were most anxious to get out as soon as possible. I met Bevin at luncheon yesterday and mentioned it again; he repeated Attlee's statement but added that the Dutch had made a good offer. I have been unable to get details of the offer yet but will endeavour to do so. [3]

It is most difficult to see ministers here owing to the Conference. [4]

1 See Document 45.

2 Evatt provided a summary of Ball's career on 31 January noting New Zealand's concurrence and adding 'I have every confidence in Macmahon Ball and his nomination is supported by the Prime Minister.' 3 Discussions were taking place between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands on a settlement of the Indonesian problem. Evatt replied to Beasley on 31 January that, in view of Australia's vital interest in territories to the north and in the Pacific generally, Australia 'should be "associated" with any mediation move which may be taken.' 4 i.e. the General Assembly of the United Nations. The deputy foreign ministers were also meeting at the time.

[AA:A1067, P46/10/33/14]