58 Australian Government to Fraser

Cablegram 33 CANBERRA, 30 January 1946


Your 17. Danish Representation. [1]

We should be glad to have your own views on the Danish proposals and desire to make the suggestion that in cases such as this Australia and New Zealand might agree to reciprocate by having either Australian or New Zealand representation acting on behalf of both countries. Which of us would appoint representatives and in which of our countries overseas representatives would be located could I am sure be worked out on a suitably satisfactory basis. [2]

1 On 22 December 1945 Fraser had cabled requesting Australian views on a Danish proposal to accredit C. M. Rottboll to both Australia and New Zealand (see Document 35, note 1), and had been informed on 1 January that decision awaited Evatt's return from overseas. He had repeated his enquiry in cablegram 17, dispatched 25 January.

2 Fraser replied on 14 February that New Zealand would be glad to accept the offer should occasion arise, but that New Zealand's representation in Europe was being arranged through its High Commission in London, and that although a Minister for Chile resident in Australia was to be accredited to New Zealand, and New Zealand was prepared to accept a Chinese representative, no reciprocal representation was planned. In late May Australia did agree to a request that Copland represent New Zealand as well as Australia at a meeting of the UNRRA Committee for the Far East.

[AA:A1067, Z46/1/3]