52 Makin to Chifley and Evatt

Cablegram 546 LONDON, 24 January 1946, 8.15 p.m.


Further to my telegram yesterday [1] have now received the following draft note from the Dominions Office with request for our approval before submission to the United States Representative for concurrence 'At this morning's meeting with Mr. Byrnes, the Dominions Secretary and the Heads of the Dominion Delegations, the Foreign Secretary suggested the appointment of a Joint Committee comprising political and military experts representing the four countries primarily concerned (United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand) with the following terms of reference- To examine and report upon the following issues arising in the Pacific area- (i) The future status and use of the bases established by the United States during the war in territory administered wholly or partly by Governments of the British Commonwealth. The consideration of future status and use should cover in appropriate cases the establishment of joint civil aviation facilities in lieu of Military bases.

(2) The examination of American suggestions affecting possible transfer of sovereignty in the case of certain Pacific Islands.'

1 Document 48.

[AA:A6494 TI, SPTS/1/4]