51 Evatt to Minter

Letter CANBERRA, 24 January 1946

I have the honour to refer to conversations between your Government and the Government of the United Kingdom in reference to the granting of Long-Term Military Base Rights in territories in the Pacific.

Australia and New Zealand, because of their geographical position, are directly interested in security and welfare arrangement's in the whole Pacific area. The Australian Government considers that both countries should participate in any talks which are held on this subject and be represented at all stages of any discussions.

This view has been conveyed to the United Kingdom Government and it would be greatly appreciated if you would convey this view to your Government. [1]

1 On 17 January Cabinet had endorsed Evatt's view 'that if bases were made available to other Governments, this should be done on the principle of mutuality and having in mind the advantage of such a proceeding to the mutual and general defence of the countries concerned.'

[AA:A6494 TI, SPTS/1/4]