44 Department of External Affairs to Makin

Cablegram UND8 CANBERRA, 23 January 1946


Reference Soviet and Ukrainian requests concerning Greece and Indonesia [1] it is consistent with our attitude in case of Iran [2] that they should be heard and as chairman you should accordingly agree to place these matters on Council agenda.

As with Iran we are concerned at this stage solely with procedure and protecting right under the Charter of any member to bring any question in proper form to attention of Council or Assembly. No question as to substance or merits of the requests is involved in merely observing procedure whereby they may be given fair hearing.

1 On 2. January the U.S.S.R. and Ukrainian Delegations separately had asked that the Security Council consider the issues of British troops in Greece and alleged military actions against the local population by British and Japanese forces in Indonesia.

2 See Document 39.

[AA:A3196,1946, 0.1524]