321 Department of External Affairs to Bulcock

Cablegram 947 CANBERRA, 21 June 1946


F.A.0. and I.E.F.C.

1. Approval given our seeking membership Central Committee. [1] It is proposed Garside be our nominee but this to be confirmed.

2. We should definitely have seats on Committees for Dairy Products, Fats and Oils, Meat and Meat products, Sugar, Dried and Canned Fruits, also those that we were on previously including those in London. [2] We are not particular about rice, but if it is suggested we take membership, we would not object.

3. We are in agreement with suggestion Resident Minister's cable 186 that countries who have little interest either as suppliers or importers should not be represented on Commodity Committees. [3]

4. Consideration is being given provision of extra staff for Washington.

1 See Document 275 and note 2 thereto. Australia was appointed to the central committee, with Argentina, China, Denmark, France, India and the three members of the Combined Food Board (Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States).

2 Australia gained membership of the five committees mentioned, and retained membership of the Cereals, Fertilizers, Tea, and Cocoa and Spices Committees (the last two of which had been located in London).

3 Dispatched 15 June. Reporting a meeting on 14 June to consider the future of the London Food Council, Beasley expressed concern lest countries with no real interest dominate the committees.

[AA:A3196, 1946, 0.12301]