313 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram United Nations 202 NEW YORK, 14 June 1946, 6.41 p.m.


Atomic 10.

1. The greater part of this morning's meeting of the Atomic Energy Commission was occupied by Baruch's statement. [1] The Commission then adopted the principle of rotation of Chairmanship and Dr.

Evatt was invited to take the Chair. In a brief acknowledgment of his selection he also expressed appreciation of the statement made by Baruch and stressed the need for utmost despatch in accordance with the terms of the Assembly's resolution. [2]

2. The Commission then appointed a Committee composed of one representative from each member to prepare provisional rules of procedure, the intention being that as in the case of the Security Council, draft rules should be presented to the next meeting of the Commission for provisional adoption and that the Committee should thereafter proceed to further examine and elaborate these rules. This Committee will meet at 11 a.m. Monday.

3. The Commission has adjourned to 3 p.m. next Wednesday. We propose to use our position as Chairman to draw attention to the immediate task to be accomplished and to make proposals regarding the manner in which the Commission should organise itself to discharge this task with the greatest promptness.

4. Thus Australia has special opportunity to take lead in setting this vital organisation going. We are receiving assistance not only from Oliphant and Briggs but from the Service Missions at Washington. General Chapman [3] was present throughout today's meeting.

1 See Document 312.

2 See Documents 14 and 47.

3 Major-General J. A. Chapman, head of Australian Military Mission, Washington.

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