305 Evatt to Chifley

Cablegram United Nations 189 NEW YORK, 12 June 1946


Atomic 8.

1. Atomic Energy Commission will have its opening meeting on Friday. It is proposed that the United States representative, Bernard Baruch, as provisional chairman will make the opening statement on United States policy. This will give us an opportunity of analyzing its implications in the light of your comments on my cable. [1] In particular it should indicate to what extent the Lilienthal report will be recommended as a practical plan. Great secrecy is being observed regarding Baruch's statement, but he has indicated to me privately his desire to work in close conjunction with Australia.

The Atomic Commission is comprised of members of the Security Council, plus Canada and Security Council procedure for re- election of Chairman will probably be followed. We should be able, through cooperation of Baruch, with whom I am on terms of long friendship, to have an effective voice in establishing Commission Machinery and in shaping progress. Oliphant and Briggs are proving of great assistance.

2. You mentioned discussions on Atomic energy in London, after your departure. As I telegraphed to you from London at the time nothing additional was contributed except a very vague statement by Mackenzie King as to raw materials. No further documents were circulated other than the two papers previously distributed which you will have. Burton was present at the meeting.

[AA:A1838 T184, 720/1, i]