295 Evatt to Davila [1]

Letter NEW YORK, 6 June 1946

Since I have been in New York as Australian Representative on the Security Council I have noted with satisfaction the interest shown by the Chilean Delegation, in the discussions of the Economic and Social Council on the subject of the Economic and Employment Commission.

It has always been the view of the Australian Government that this Commission can be a most important influence on the formation of economic policies by the Council. In the series of Preparatory Conferences in London the Australian Delegation took a leading part in drafting terms of reference which would direct the attention of the Commission towards the need for industrialization, and the problems caused by fluctuating exports due to the failure of large nations to stabilize the employment and spending power of their peoples. [2] These are, I believe, matters of common concern to Chile, Australia and other countries which are at a similar stage of economic development.

For these reasons I should be grateful if you would communicate with your Foreign Minister, indicating to him the interest of Australia in providing an expert member of the Economic and Employment Commission. Australia is able to offer the names of economic experts of high standing. I feel sure that an Australian representative would make a clearly similar approach to the problems before the Commission to that of the Latin-American member, and strengthen the representation of the smaller, less developed economies of the world.


Minister of State for External Affairs

1 Evatt appears to have written similarly to all delegates on the Economic and Social Council.

2 See Volume VIII, Documents 287 and 311.

[AA:A1067, ER46/3/6]