246 Department of External Affairs to Evatt and Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegrams A92, UNY52 CANBERRA, 15 May 1946


United Nations No. 122. [1]

1. We attach the utmost importance to the election of Australia to the Economic and Employment Commission. If not elected, we should be represented on at least one of its sub-commissions.

2. As it is impossible to guarantee the availability of the three individuals mentioned, it is desirable to concentrate on national representation. [2]

1 Dispatched 13 May, it proposed that the names of Wilson, Coombs and Melville be canvassed for elections to the Economic and Employment Commission and its sub-commissions at the second session of the Economic and Social Council, beginning 25 May.

2 Elections for the Economic and Employment and other Commissions were in fact deferred until the Council's third session, but Australia was appointed to the Temporary Sub-Commission on the Economic Reconstruction of Devastated Areas, and represented thereon by Walker in London and by Copland on the Sub-Commission's working party on Asia.

[AA:A1067, ER46/3/8]