20 Department of External Affairs to External Affairs Officer in London and Legation in Washington

Cablegrams 45, 60 CANBERRA, 11 January 1946


On 12th October the Lebanese Minister in Washington [1] asked the Australian Minister at Washington if the Commonwealth Government formally recognized the Government of Lebanon. He was apparently unaware that about the same time Dr. Evatt agreed in London to request of Lebanese Minister [2] for establishment of a Lebanese consulate in Sydney.

2. Please inform the Lebanese Minister in London that we fully recognize his Government and would be glad to receive consul.

3. Appropriate action should be taken in Washington with Lebanese Minister.

4. Reference telegram D.356 [3] from Dominions Office. Please inform Syrian Minister [4] that we recognize Syrian Government and when it wishes, will be glad to receive consul.

1 Dr Charles Malik.

2 Camille Chamoun.

3 Dispatched 20 December 1945, it listed countries whose Governments recognised those of Syria and Lebanon.

4 Dr N. Armanazi.

[AA:A1066, M45/24/2]