179 Chifley to de Valera

Cablegram unnumbered CANBERRA, 9 April 1946

I greatly regret the delay in replying to your proposal for an exchange of representatives between Australia and Eire. [1] We are glad, however, that now in accepting your proposal for an appointment of a representative in Australia we are able to nominate as High Commissioner [2] in Dublin Mr. William John Dignam, Barrister of Sydney.

We are sure that Mr. Dignam's character and learning will make a ready appeal to you and the other members of your Government.

Dr. Kiernan and his wife will be assured of a warm welcome here.

1 See Document 7. On 22 February de Valera had cabled requesting a response. Beasley had reported an approach by the High Commissioner for Eire in London on 28 February, and had cabled again requesting a reply on 26 March.

2 Titles of British Commonwealth representatives to and from Dublin varied. The Irish representative in London was called High Commissioner; his counterpart in Dublin was U.K. Representative.

The Canadian representative there, and his counterpart in Ottawa were both High Commissioners. Dignam arrived in Dublin on 1 September and assumed the title of High Commissioner; Kiernan, who reached Australia in October, was known as Representative of Eire in Australia.

[AA:A1066, E45/11/7]