155 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram 126 LONDON, 28 March 1946, 6.30 p.m.


In preparing study referred to in my telegram D.290 [1] planning staff drew to a considerable extent on the valuable suggestions made in your telegram No. 49 [2] and recommendations now approved by Ministers here are generally in line with your views. Reports which we have received from Tokyo and Washington indicate that it is very desirable that the Far Eastern Commission should at an early date examine the proposals in regard to the economic policy to be adopted for Japan with a view to action being taken to meet problems of the kind which we have been considering in consultation with you and other Governments of the Commonwealth.

1 Dispatched 28 March, it summarised recommendations in a U.K.

paper proposing internationally supervised public ownership of Japanese heavy industry formerly controlled by the Zaibatsu.

2 Dispatched 29 January, it repeated the text of Document 424, Volume VIII.

[AA:A1067, ER46/13/20]