148 Attlee to Chifley

Cablegram D285 LONDON, 27 March 946, 11.20 a.m.


My telegram D. No. 233 of 15th March.

We have been thinking over arrangements for discussions between Prime Ministers which are to begin next month, and it may be helpful if I try to set out topics which might, if you agree, come up in course of discussions. These come under following heads:-

(1) Defence questions affecting particularly United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, especially United States request for bases in Pacific islands.

(2) Foreign policy (a) generally, (b) in relation to future of Germany and Japan.

(3) Future of Italian Colonies and any other questions arising out of peace treaties with ex-enemies other than Germany and Japan.

(4) Atomic energy.

(5) Trusteeship.

(6) Defence cooperation in forms suitable for the differing circumstances of the various members of the Commonwealth.

Should be grateful for your comments on above, and for any further suggestions which you may have as to possible agenda for discussions. [1] Ends.

1 Chifley replied on 10 April that he would prefer to see discussions centre on item (1), with talks on other matters of common concern as opportunity allowed.

[AA:AA1973/362, V29]