108 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram 76 LONDON, 23 February 1946, 4.07 p.m.

Your telegrams 31st January No.54 and 20th February No.87. [1] International Health Organisation.

We were glad to have the Commonwealth Government's views before us in considering questions of form of Organisation before discussion in the Economic and Social Council. The Commonwealth Government will now have learned of the proceedings of the council and resolution of 15th February providing for calling of a conference not later than 20th June and establishing a technical preparatory committee to prepare agenda and proposals for consideration of conference. The question whether the organisation should have the form of organisation of Assembly or of Economic and Social Council or of a specialised agency was not discussed by the Council.

2. We share the desire of Commonwealth Government that future international health organisation should be closely linked with U.N.O. After careful consideration, however, we have reached the conclusion that it would be best for the organisation to be specialised agency subject to agreement on suitable principles in regard to specialised agencies in general and their relationship with the United Nations.

3. As regards the form of relationship between such an international health organisation and the United Nations we feel that there would be practical advantages if it were in primary relationship with the Economic and Social Council rather than the Assembly since it is contemplated that other specialised agencies will be brought into relationship with the Council (see paper E17 [2]) and we expect that one of the functions of the council will be to prevent overlapping between such agencies. Such relationship would not prevent health business coming up in the Assembly when appropriate on reports from Economic and Social Council or otherwise.

1 See Document 9 and note 4 thereto. In cablegram 54 the Australian Govt suggested U.K. sponsorship of a resolution before the Economic and Social Council intended to lead to establishment of the health organisation as an organ of the General Assembly.

Cablegram 87 sought U.K. comments on the suggestion.

2 A proposal for a committee of the Council to negotiate with F.A.O., I.L.O., I.M.F., the International Bank and UNESCO the preparation of draft agreements concerning their relationship with the Council, and other organs of the United Nations. The Negotiating Committee was established by Resolution 1/11, adopted on 16 February.

[AA:A3195, 1946, 1.4882]