107 Beasley to Chifley and Evatt

Cablegram 123 LONDON, 23 February 1946, 2.58 p.m.


Your 30. [1] BASES.

1. Regarding discussions in Washington the latest information is that original intentions have been abandoned. This appears to be due to the inability of the United States to establish a firm case on sovereignty and further to their lack of final or considered opinions regarding bases.

2. This information resolves your desire and I will now pursue this question from the angle of discussion taking place between the United Kingdom and Dominions for a common policy before any talks with the United States of America.

3. United States Officials have indicated to Fraser their wish to discuss the New Zealand proposal to bring Western Samoa under trusteeship. I talked to Fraser last night before he left for Washington and he proposes to meet United States Officials and indicated New Zealand's view that Western Samoa will be brought under trusteeship but until New Zealand has had time to consider steps to be taken to this end no firm discussions should take place. United Kingdom Representatives will not be present at this meeting.

1 Document 103.

[AA:A6494 TI, SPTS/1/4]