69 Evatt to Bruce

Cablegram 32 CANBERRA, 9 March 1944


For Bruce from Evatt.

Your 31[A]. [1] The Australian Government, like Canada, would be delighted if the Government of Eire saw its way clear not only to remove the German and Japanese representatives but to declare a state of war with both countries.

But the message from de Valera [2] is not addressed to this Government and the High Commissioner for Eire [3] would hardly be authorised by de Valera to risk further rebuffs. In the circumstances we hestitate to intervene in such a matter, especially in view of what has already happened.

In the circumstances, it might be best for you to give no answer unless strongly pressed, and then to give no answer in writing.

1 Document 60.

2 Irish Prime Minister.

3 J. W. Dulanty.

[AA:A5954, BOX 654]