53 Cranborne to Commonwealth Government

Circular cablegram D265 LONDON, 21 February 1944, 10 p.m.


My telegram Circular D.1024, 25th November, 1943. [1]

My immediately following telegram [2] contains text of declaration regarding Siam that we contemplate making at an early suitable opportunity.

2. This declaration does not, in our opinion, tie our hands as regards any political, economic or strategic arrangements thought to be desirable in the interests of collective security after the war, nor does it prejudice one way or the other, the question of ultimate recognition of a free Siamese committee which we propose should be left in abeyance pending further clarification of the complex issues involved. While there may be advantage in having Pradit outside Siam, we do not propose to offer him, or anyone else, any inducement to come out other than this declaration. We would not at present, for example, offer him the Presidency of a free Siamese committee or the unfreezing of his funds. If he comes out we can reconsider the matter. Meanwhile, our interest is confined to seeing that the best use is made of such free Siamese material as is at the joint disposal of the United States Government and ourselves.

3. We are communicating the text of the proposed declaration to the United States Government. His Majesty's United Kingdom Ambassador, Washington, has also been asked to give the United States Government a general statement of our policy towards Siam on the above lines and to express the hope that they will agree to consult with us before any further step is taken.

1 On file AA:A989, 43/895/2/1. It counselled caution in recognising either of two Thai liberation movements, one led in Thailand by Luang Pradit, a regent, and the other by Seni Pramoj, the Thai Minister in Washington.

2 Document 54.

[AA:A989, 44/895/2/2]