348 Bruce to Curtin

Cablegram 158A LONDON, 14 November 1944, 7.12 p.m.


Addressed to the Prime Minister. Civil Affairs.

My telegram 131 of 27th October. [1]

The United Kingdom authorities last night produced a long Aide- Memoire which they describe as 'result of prolonged inter- departmental consideration of proposals of Commonwealth Government'. (The full text has been sent to you by air mail bag to-day, External Affairs Despatch S.200. [2]) I went this morning to a meeting for a preliminary discussion of the Aide-Memoire but I took the line that they must wait for your considered reply. Meanwhile I rubbed it in that our great concern was the maintenance of British prestige in the Pacific and that we felt there was a grave danger of this slipping back. It was absolutely essential that machinery should be set up in order to avoid developments which might prejudice final settlement in the Pacific area.


1 On file AA:A989, 44/655/19.

2 Stirling's undated dispatch S200 is on the file cited in note 1.

An undated copy of the U.K. aide-memoire is on file AA:A1066, P45/137/3.

[AA:A989, 44/655/19]