286 Department of External Affairs to Stirling

Cablegram 182 CANBERRA, 18 September 1944


We are concerned at the setting up of Armistice Control machinery in various centres of Europe without any apparent provision for a central body for coordinating policy and without any representation for the Dominions or the smaller European Allies at any level. We would appreciate detailed information regarding the present situation regarding the United Nations Commission for Europe proposed by Mr. Eden in July, 1943 [1], or of any similar proposals, and particularly of opportunities for representation of smaller nations on them. [2]

1 See Documents on Australian Foreign Polity 1937-49, vol. VI, Documents 227 and 242.

2 In cablegram 130A, dispatched 28 September, Bruce told Curtin that he believed the U.S. and Soviet Govts were opposed to the admission of others than the Big Three to the central control body for Germany, and that the U.K. Govt would have to 'overcome their objections'. In cablegram 131A (incorrectly circulated in Canberra as A141), dispatched 29 September, Bruce noted that the U.K. Govt were considering inclusion of a number of personnel from Australia and the other Dominions in the British element of the proposed control machinery for Germany and Austria. Both cablegrams are on file AA:A1066, H45/1013/2/1A, i. See also Document 271.

[AA:A989, 43-44/735/1009]