256 Maloney to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 176 [1] MOSCOW, 23 August 1944, 7.45 P.M.


We have just received the following note from the Peoples Commissariat of Foreign Affairs.


'In connexion with the exchange on 2nd August, 1944, of representatives between Governments of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Polish Committee of National Liberation established by the National Council of Poland (Krayeva Rada Narodowa) on 21st July, 1944, in Warsaw, the Peoples Commissariat, of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has the honour to inform the Legation that the Soviet Government does not consider it possible any longer for the Legation of the Australian Commonwealth to continue protection of the interests of Poland as this responsibility has been undertaken by representatives of the Polish Committee of National Liberation.

The Peoples Commissariat of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Soviet Government requests the Australian Legation to inform the Australian Government of the foregoing.'


We do not propose taking any further action in connexion with the Polish representation until we receive your instructions.


1 Repeated to London as no. 40.

[AA:A989, 43-44/715/5/2/2]