188 Curtin to Forde

Cablegram 530 WASHINGTON, 8 June 1944, 7.50 p.m.


Following for Forde, Acting Prime Minister, from the Prime Minister. 1. My view of the Monetary Conference is that Australia should find the notice for representation on the Ministerial level [1] too short and that we should in the circumstances regretfully intimate accordingly while agreeing to send an expert to the Conference who could be Brigden.

2. In view of events in Europe the United Kingdom is really wishful to avoid discussion now but is being pushed by the President who desires material helpful for local political scene.

3. Melville's memo [2] indicates not wise for Australia to be tied up at this stage to plans devised regardless of our special circumstances. 4. I feel we should avoid the level of representation at the Conference which would imply Governmental participation in any findings reached though I doubt that findings can be reached.


1 See Document 187, note 3.

2 Document 119.

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