160 Churchill to Curtin (in London)

Letter LONDON, 20 May 1944

I was disappointed when I was prevented at the last minute from attending the meeting on Monday afternoon. [1] I have read with interest the record of the discussion [2] and in particular the statement which you put in about Improvements in the Machinery for Empire Co-operation desired by the Australian Government. [3]

I am very ready to fall in with the suggestion you made that there should be monthly meetings at which I, with the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, would meet the High Commissioners of the Dominions and give a review of the current situation and problems.

This would afford an opportunity of periodical discussions with them on any matters they might wish to raise with me.

I recognise that, as you say, this arrangement would make it unnecessary for Mr. Bruce, who has been the accredited representative of the Government of Australia for over two years, to attend meetings of the War Cabinet regularly. May I take this opportunity of associating myself very warmly with the remarks made at Monday's meeting by yourself and by my United Kingdom colleagues, as to the distinguished services which Mr. Bruce has rendered.


1 i.e. 15 May.

2 In AA:A6712, 1944, Top Secret, PMM(44) 14th Meeting.

3 See Document 152.

[AA:M100, MAY 1944]