133 Evatt to Beasley (in Philadelphia)

Cablegram 634 (extracts) [1] CANBERRA, 5 May 1944


Your 369. [2] I am pleased beyond measure at the great fight you are putting up.

You will understand how I had to fight on previous occasions for tanks and the like. Australian diplomacy must be equal in courage and vigour to the Australian fighting men. That is our reputation in the world and it is worth preserving. Already the Australian - New Zealand Agreement [3] has achieved important results. if we had not pegged the claims we might have lost everything. Both the Dutch and the French are now acknowledging this.

I am very concerned that New Zealand should keep up its end also, but I can imagine that you may be having difficulty with Nash. He should be reminded of the binding agreement between our two countries on international collaboration which puts full employment forward as the primary and indeed supreme aim. [4]

I cannot say how pleased I am at the decision to send you over.

Later I want you to look thoroughly at the Australian set-ups in Washington, New York and Ottawa. In my view, we should have Consulates in New York, San Francisco and Honolulu.

[matter omitted]

Kindest wishes to yourself and colleagues. What you have done is to make magnificent use of a world forum to assist Australia's post-war objectives.

1 Sent through the Legation in Washington.

2 Document 129.

3 Document 26.

4 Documents 28 and 29. Beasley in fact cabled that he understood Nash had 'reported very little back' to the N.Z. Govt. See cablegram 386, dispatched 4 May, in AA:A3195, 1.17134, which is quoted in part in Document 155, note 2.

[AA:A3196, 1944, O.12138/12102]