110 Cranborne to Curtin (in Washington)

Cablegram D578 [1] LONDON, 18 April 1944, 11.45 p.m.


Following for the Prime Minister.

We hope that on the occasion of the Prime Ministers' meeting opportunity may be found for a broad discussion on the general question of migration policy after the war.

My Circular Despatch D. No. 24 of 2nd April, 1943 [2], raised the question whether in principle Dominion Governments would wish to co-operate with us in a policy of Government-assisted migration and, particularly, whether they would wish to encourage migration of demobilised service personnel from this country. We realise the difficulties of Dominion Governments in considering this question in advance of arrangements for dealing with their own personnel on demobilisation and in the absence of a clearer picture as to the future prospects of employment and trade after the war. But we are under considerable pressure here both in Parliament and outside for a declaration of our policy and we should, therefore, appreciate discussion with Dominion Prime Ministers as to how this situation should be met.

1 Repeated to Curtin in the United States. Curtin and his party reached San Francisco on 19 April and left immediately by train for Washington, arriving there on 23 April.

2 On file AA:A989, 43-44/554/2/1, i.

[AA:A816, 11/302/9]