89 Churchill to Curtin

Cablegram Winch 33 LONDON, 10 December 1942, 1.50 p.m.


Thank you very much for the very full explanation of your difficulties which you have been kind enough to send me. [1] The fact that the New Zealand Division is to remain in the Middle East makes it easier for us to meet your wishes. Shipping will be arranged at the end of January to repatriate all you wish in personnel and for the minimum equipment which you require. I am having your list examined by the Staffs and the details will be communicated to you as soon as possible. The 9th Australian Division will carry with them from the African desert a splendid reputation, and the honour of having played a leading part in a memorable victory for the Empire and the common cause.

2. The United States have preferred to have one British armoured carrier and keep their own Ranger instead of sending us the Ranger and taking two armoured carriers from us. We should have preferred the latter plan because it would have given us more say in the tasks that beset us. Still, there will be two more carriers in the Pacific as a result of the moves.

All good wishes.


1 See Document 87, note 7.